Customer Support

If you’re experiencing difficulty installing or running any of our Interactive Guitar Clinics software, please read through this support page prior to contacting us. Your question may have already been addressed here.

This FAQ Pertains to All Interactive Guitar Clinics Unless Otherwise Indicated.

Q. I downloaded the software ok but the setup program doesn’t work right.

A. Quirky behavior by the setup program usually indicates that the file was corrupted during the download process. All you can do is download it again.

Perform the following steps prior to each attempt at downloading:

1. Delete the corrupted setup file from your PC.

2. Clear your web browser cache and temporary Internet files.
For Internet Explorer, go to:



5. Check mark the box DELETE ALL OFFLINE CONTENT and click OK.

6. Click OK to close the INTERNET OPTIONS window.

7. Download the setup file again.

Also, you should verify the correct size of the setup file after the download as indicated below to ensure it’s integrity.

A common indication of a corrupted download is that the setup process asks for “disk number 2” or something similar.

As reported from your MSDOS command prompt:
The Sweep Picking and Arpeggios setup file should be
40,654,809 bytes.

The Powerful Modal Theory and Soloing setup file should be
43,094,186 bytes.

The Essential Rock Guitar Techniques setup file should be
80,747,565 bytes.

After about 8mb of your software have downloaded to my computer, I get an error message stating that the server has been reset and/or the download just stops responding.

A. This is due to Internet traffic congestion. Try downloading at a different time of day. Also, if you’re using a download manager software, try downloading without it.

I just ordered the download version of your software. I got the email receipt confirming my order but where the heck is my download information?

A. The download information is automatically emailed to you once the system has completed verifying your order. The download info is emailed within 15 minutes of placing your order and does not originate from the same place as the email receipt.

Please be patient.

And also understand, I can’t control Internet traffic volume or email server loads…if I could I’d be rich! :-)

I can’t get to the controls of the MP3 loop windows because there is no scroll bar. This is also the case with the tuning and metronome windows.

A. This is an issue with the settings of your font size in Internet Explorer. The font size of the IGC is dependent on your Internet Explorer font size setting. Close the IGC. Open Internet Explorer and under “VIEW” then “TEXT SIZE” set the text size to “MEDIUM”. Run the IGC again and you should be OK. The IGCs were designed around the MEDIUM font size setting because it is the default for Internet Explorer.

Your software looks like crap when I run it with Netscape.

A. That’s because it’s not designed to run in Netscape…only with Microsoft Internet Explorer as indicated on the information page. The Interactive Guitar Clinics are HTML applications. This is a Microsoft technology that can only be run using the MS Internet Explorer 5.x web browser and above.

Here’s what’s recommended to ensure proper functionality.
600mhz or faster CPU
Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or higher
Microsoft Media Player 9.x or higher
CDROM Drive 32x or higher (for CD versions only)

Windows 95, 98 and ME will work but not recommended due to the fact that they’re not as stable as Windows 2000 or XP.

You can download the latest version of Explorer and Media Player from Microsoft for free.

Does your software run on Macintosh PCs?

A. Sorry, it’s not designed for Macs.

While playing one of the MP3s from the CD version, the program shut down. Upon restarting, I got a Windows warning: “This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. Quit all programs and then restart your computer. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor.”

I restarted, only to get another warning: “The D:\ DOCRUN \ RUNTIME 2 DLL file appears to be corrupt. Reinstall the file, then try again.”

After clicking OK, the warning went back to “illegal operation”.

My system is as follows:
Windows 98 2nd edition.
MS IE 6.0
MS Media Player 9.0
300 Mhz cpu
64.0 RAM

A. This problem was kind of unusual so I called the customer and essentially suggested that because his PC was a bit old, he may have a hardware issue with his CDrom drive due to the fact that Windows was reporting a corrupt file from a CD. He replied via email with his solution.

“Will, I got your message on my answering machine and your diagnosis was correct. Although my CD-ROM plays audio music without a problem, it doesn’t seem to read data very well. I replaced my CD-ROM drive and the Modal Theory software is working perfectly now! Thanks a million for your help. The fact that you called me personally was above and beyond!”

If you have a support question
that is not addressed on this page, please send an email to and I’ll resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Will Landrum